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Much of this journal's entries contain fanfiction and adult content.

for the Hellsing fics: Characters created by Kohta Hirano.

for the Star Ocean :til the End of Time fics: Characters belong to Square/Enix and were created by a bunch of nice forlks at Tri-Ace.

for the FF7 fics: Characters belong to Square/Enix and were created by Nomura.

for the Torchwood fics: Characters are created by Russel T. Davies.

and for the one and only Cowboy Bebop fic: Characters created by Hajime Yatate

for the Velvet Goldmine fics and snarks: Velvet Goldmine was created by Todd Haynes

For the Snarks:

-Fifty Shades of Grey belongs to E.L. James, with special mention of Stephanie Meyer, because if it weren't for Twilight, Fifty Shades wouldn't exist because it used to be FANFICTION. 

Anyway, I'm not getting any money from these writing ventures, just pleasure and peace of mind.

A small detail reguarding the adult content: Much of it is sexual.  Even more of it involves graphic sexuality between two men.  If you do not want to read erotica and are especially offended by such things, please don't friend me just to tell me I'm sick or whatever.  Ya know...I'm just not listening.

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 Somewhat inspired by discussions about VG with Mousy.

So here's just it. I'm super intense about music. My itunes features well over 20 gigs of just music, and though my SO has snuck some stuff in there (as well as I was kind enough to torrent Iron Maiden's discography for him even though I am violently disinterested in that band), it's pretty much all me. My range is pretty absurdly broad, though I suppose you could say my penchant for aggressive or moody music is a dominant theme. 

The eighties gets a lot of hate. I mean, for good reason, i suppose. There was a lot of crap in mainstream '80s radio pop/rock. I mean, wasn't that the joke in American Psycho? Patrick Bateman brain fucking these terrible fucking soul-sucking bands and artists (favourite parts of the movie and book, by the way). You know what though? You scratch the surface and you discover there were amazing things happening underneath all the shallow glitz and day glo nightmare visions.

Now admittedly, some of this is awareness is due to my Gothic roots. It's super cute these days, everyone thinks it was a mid-ninties thing what with Nine Inch Nails, Jack off Jill, Marilyn Manson, Genitorturers, and Velvet Acid Christ. In truth it's properly rooted in the '80s, but beyond the Goth scene there was a lot of interesting stuff happening, especially with electronica. Namely, industrial music. Einstürzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and Ministry, for example, started out in the eighties and not just with some silly shit no one cares about (ok, maybe you could argue KMFDM didn't properly come into their own until the nineties, but Opium is so insanely futuristic that I can't deny its impact).

If the '70s laid the groundwork for every type of post-modern rock, the '80s underground just built on that and streamlined it. Perhaps it can be blamed for creating the tangle of sub-genres that has confused and smothered creativity. Still, I wish more people remembered the eighties for the amazing death/goth rock, electronic, and alternative underbelly that lurked just below the surface. There was a sense of adventure that's been ignored for so long.
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I'm so excited by this story. This is the first time I've been able to write a romance with a storyline that doesn't seem shoe-horned in. Could be for a number of reasons. Honestly, Velvet Goldmine combines three of my very favourite things: Gorgeous men, rock and roll, and canon slash pairings. Also glitter! Oscar Wilde quotes! Ewan McGregor in leather pants!

Anyway, so I'm linking to because I'm feeling a bit lazy.

Shadow of Love

Warnings, author's notes, and disclaimers contained in link's content. Really nothing unusual.
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 So right, I wrote  thing as a sequel to "Rock and Roll Sweetheart" as kind of a middle of a trilogy, but realized after a couple days that it was really just head canon wool gathering masquerading as a story. In short, I think it's boring and just old not-so-great writing habits cropping up. Still, it's a decent exercise in getting to know the characters and filling in some interesting time gaps in the canon.

Edited mostly just for formatting and coherency, though it's a bit rough and sloppy in parts. Really, I'm just posting it for myself to peruse and keep my shit straight.

disclaimer: Characters created by Todd Haynes. No infringement intended.

The Passenger is actually an Iggy Pop song, off the album Lust for Life

content warnings: Language, references to gay sex and drug abuse.

piles and piles of meta up in this bitch )

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 fandom: Velvet Goldmine
pairing: Curt/Arthur (uh duh)
rating: R, mostly for language
summary: The morning after Death of Glitter, Arthur and Curt connect on a level that terrifies them both. When Curt makes an offer Arthur doesn't want to refuse, he realizes that sometimes the mature choices are the ones that hurt the most. 

disclaimer: These characters were created by Todd Haynes. No copyright infringement is intended.


warnings: References to sex (nothing too terribly graphic) and some drug use.

a/n: Sooo...this thing happened while I was editing a recent snark. I was doing a lot of wool gathering and fandom brain fucking. Curt began to eat my brain and the next thing I knew this story popped almost full formed from my finger tips. There's a sequel being written. Yeah. I know. I've been all over the place as a writer lately. In a way, it's been helping me creatively, I think. 

What a difference the years can make.... )

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 It's funny how things work out.

Though this project started as an act of contrition, within the past week I've been inspired to write new VG fanfic. As thus, to prevent confusion, I am discontinuing the snark project. It's most so that I can put full creative focus on the characters and their stories. That and I suppose so I don't get confused and angry.
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This one seemed so harmless at first until I turned a truly critical eye to it. In editing, I had to pull out a lot of reaction gif notations because I was so speechless with anger, but I didn't want to use ALL the bandwidth. Lol.

The problem with all these old Velvet Goldmine fics are their interchangeability. Most of the fics go like this: Slight AU with Arthur and Curt staying together after the Death of Glitter concert or they hook up after the movie's end. There's nothing wrong with either of these plot lines, but the execution is terrible. None of the stories have any kind of real conflict, be it internal or external. They just fall in love, move in, and do their happy couple-of-the-year routine. We all know I have no problem with any of that, but the lack of conflict is fucking absurd given there are a ton possibilities.

Beyond all that, the characterizations are terrible. I get the feeling most of these fics are an expression of my lust for Ewan McGregor and pretty boys in makeup/drag. The funny thing is, I'm not even that upset about the characterization of Curt, as shitty as it was. I'm mad about the characterization of Arthur. Let me tell you why: He is potentially the most interesting character in the entire movie. His life has so many unanswered questions. Why did he get into journalism? Why did he move to New York? Why does he seem so sad now? I just don't get it and I wish I'd explored that instead of all this schmoopy crap.

Anyway, I may do a couple more fics that fall outside the Gold Room Series, but at this point, I just want to tackle that abomination and be done with it. This is all so horrible and depressing. I just...I'd expected amatuer writing, but this stuff is irretrievably bad.

Now that I've got that off my chest, let's rip off the band-aid.

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Here we go again....

Short...and bitter )

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This chapter was so long, I was reeling by hour two. These take some time, y'all. It took me several hours to finish this chapter because I was just shooting straight from the hip. I also occasionally breaked for more gifs to convey my frustration.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Chapter 2 )

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I'm not sure how frequently I'll be posting these chapter-by-chapter recaps/snarks/dissections. In fact I didn't think I'd be going chapter by chapter, but I had to. There's no other way to convey the blistering stupidity and pointlessness of these books. So without further ado, let's do this thing.

The main points to address will be as thus: Writing quality, shadows of the fanfic it once was, BDSM bullshit, and erotica critique. A lot of folks have already snarked these books, so nothing I can say hasn't already been said. However, I'll hopefully be able to bring my own brand of twisted humour to the table.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Chapter One )
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This one bad, so very bad I was ready to end this project.

Anyway, let's just rip off the band-aid quickly.

You can read it if you want, but you might hate me in the end. I know I do.

There are a lot of gifs near the end because I was just too mentally exhausted. If it weren't for the gifs I would have ended up just punching the keyboard.

Get the booze y'all, this one's a doozy )
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Jul. 19th, 2013 07:11 pm
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 Ok, so I made a bunch of gifs for use with some of my posts and most of them don't work unless my email is open. I'll try to fix it somehow. If nothing else, I'll troll for more gifs that I can actually use.

edit: A little googling and it's fixed. Hmm...I have a new hobby I think. I knew keeping my photobucket was a good idea.
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 So I'm probably going to end up snarking by the chapter. It is impossible to to try to get across how stupid this all is without proper deconstruction. God help me. What I'll probably do is post a big essay every five chapters. Just because I don't think I can deal with posting a separate snark for each and every chapter.

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 Because I am a masochist, I will start by providing the link to the story.

Alright, let's do this.

...and so it begins.... )

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 Hello all! Anyone who's still active!? Right, anyway, so I might be getting more active again simply because it sounds like Tumblr might be going the way of L-J. 

So, to the point. I've been reading a lot of stuff and even blow by blow blogs snarking it, but I think it's time for me to attempt to read Fifty Shades of Grey. This is such a huge book trilogy (lmao, really?) that I need to be able to tell people I've actually for reals read it so when I tear it apart for being offensive, rapey, abusive rubbish, I can back it up. 

Anyway, I don't think I have the time of patience to do a chapter by chapter commentary, but I definitely will be reporting back on each book if I can make it through without breaking my phone.

Also, speaking of snarks, I found all my old VG fics a few months back. Yes, it is bad, but so much worse than I remembered. I've been casually writing up snarks for the stories. it's weirdly disorienting.


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